Out Of This World is a series of whole school, cross curricula STEM activities intended to exploit the natural interest of both genders in the exciting topic of Space. Activities will be hands-on and creative with outcomes that will enhance the curriculum and make it more attractive and meaningful for the children. Over the course of the next year we will leverage the excitement being generated around Tim Peake, Britain’s first official Astronaut to be heading into space, aboard the ISS. This will culminate in the designing and making of purposeful products related to a life in space. To achieve this we intend to invest in 3D scanning and printing. This will challenge the children to use their problem solving skills to create real devices. The project will be driven by a series of specifically designed Space Passports for each of the seven year groups from Reception up to Year 6. Each curriculum area will have its own set of objectives taken from the relevant year group, but with a space related aim.


This is a Rode Heath Primary School project





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