Questions for Tim Peake

Questions for Tim Peake have already started flooding in. Everyone at Rode Heath is so excited about actually being able to talk to him directly.

Here is a selection . . . I wonder how we are going to choose the best ones? Some of them are FAB!

Year 6

Amelie Bennett Do you have TV in the ISS and if you do, what do you watch?

Millie Bradbury How do you practise being in antigravity on Earth?

Merly Bowyer What is your favourite planet and why?

Charlie Lomas What do you like most about training like an astronaut?

Maisy Wells Did you ever think that you would come this far in life?

Kieran Goodwin What is the biggest change in your body going to be?

Evan Weller How do you feel about putting yourself at risk?

Amelia Gibson What would happen if you became ill on the ISS?

Rachael Brookes-Smith Can you take a small amount of personal possessions with you such as photographs etc.

Year 5

Helena Cartlidge What emotions do you feel when you look at Space and the Earth from the ISS?

Isabelle Cross What is your favourite thing about being an astronaut?

Hannah Taylor How do you communicate with astronauts from other countries?

Carys Williams What will be going through your mind when the rocket takes off to take you to the ISS?

Mia Brown Do you think we will ever find another planet we could live on?

Gabriella Rhodes What is the best thing about being in Space?

Pierce Harvey Can you light a match in Space? Can you hear the countdown for lift off?

Isaac Capes What inspired you to become an astronaut?

Hermione Pugh Can you explain a little bit about what you do when you are not training?

Millie Leese Who are your 3 heroes now and as a child?

Year 4

Ellie Baty What do you think it will be like living on the ISS and will you like it?

Sam Gratton How do you eat healthily in Space?

Ashton Thys Are you scared of going up into Space?

Olivia Taylor How do you feel about leaving your family for six months and how do they feel about it?

Sam Nutty If you had a chance to go to the Moon, would you?

Aiden Austin How far away is the ISS from the Earth right now?

Lucas Weller Why don’t you have a separate room to eat so you can take normal food to eat?

Chloe Thompson Who are you going to Space with?

Thomas Parr How hot is it on the ISS?

Leila Gilmour If you could go on a mission to Mars, but there was no way to bring you back to Earth, would you go?

Charlotte Hibbert When you go away, who will you miss the most?

Amelie Pepper What happens when you sneeze in your spacesuit?

William Surrey Why did you want to be an astronaut? How will we travel to Space in the future?

Noah McNeil What happens if you burp in Space?

James Steele What did you want to be when you were at school?

Esmee Morris-Thuriot Will there be other people in Space at the same time as you, but in different places?

Luca Hetherington When did you want to be an astronaut?

Jonny Hart From you view of Earth from Space, do you feel differently about the planet and Earth’s place in the Universe?

Year 3

Isobel Jenkins Can you get a cold in space? If so, and you can’t have water droplets in the air on the ISS, what do you do if you need to sneeze?

Jack Harrison What was the most challenging aspect of your training?

Claris Cannell What is your favourite planet and why?

Ruby Darwen What does it feel like to live in Space?

Rohan Hetherington Have you got any pets?

Finn Gibson As you are going into Space in a Russian rocket, can you speak Russian? In which language will you talk to the other astronauts?

Daniel Evans What was the rocket test like? What date is the rocket launch?

Gabrielle Goodwin What is your favourite thing to do as an astronaut?

Adam Lillie What is the view like of Earth in a rocket?

Olivia Carpenter What is your favourite space food?

Lucas Matthews If it was possible to visit any planet, which would you like to visit and why?

Megan Tierney When you’re in Space can you see any constellations in the sky?

Salahuddin Khan How do you think the International Space Station is different from Earth?

Pippa  Palin What will you eat for dinner when in Space?

Abigail Clewlow Do you believe in aliens and life on other planets?

Ellie Hillman Are you allowed to take you phone?

Daniel Lewis What first interested you about Space?

Year 2

Eden-Rose Brookes How cold is it in Space?

Ava Garrett What is the best thing you see in Space?

Ellie Jepson Can you drink fizzy pop in Space? Are you taking a lucky mascot into Space?

Marie Smith How do you wash your hair in Space?

Charlie McNeil What happens if you get really ill in Space?

Anya Harding What is the difference between flying an aircraft and flying a space rocket?

Charlotte Rutledge What is the thing you are most looking forward to seeing in Space? And will you send us a photo of it?

Kimberley Peters How long does it take you to reach Space?

Rebecca Tonks What are you most nervous and excited about?

Amy Peters What training are you doing at the moment to get ready for your mission?

Olivia Willan Jones In what way and how often will you be doing physical exercises to maintain your body’s muscle tone?

Eadie Lomas Is it easy to breathe with your spacesuit on?

Amiee Polles Do you get injured in Space?

Daniel Smallwood Has a comet ever hit the ISS?

Georgia Carpenter Is you spacesuit soft inside or does it feel like tinfoil?

Maisy Pepper When you return from the ISS, where do you think you will land?

Jayden Smith What is it like to go into Space?

Toby Hancock Does your hair grow faster in Space?

Jasmine Hancock How long have you been wanting to be an astronaut?

Year 1

Chloe Riley Can we drink lunar water?

Iona Jenkins I’ve heard there is a guitar on the ISS. Do you play? If so, what is your favourite song?

Georgie Ann Lawton Do you have to eat a special kind of food because there is no gravity?

Bobby Gilmour How do you keep a look out for space debris when aboard the ISS and how do you respond to a probable impact? How often do you come across such a threat?

Alfie McNeil How do you go to the toilet in Space?

Junior Peters Do you need a different suit on when going outside the Space Station?


Charlotte Hughes How do you become an astronaut?

Leo Smith How do you go to the toilet in Space?

George Durrant What happens when you pooh in Space?

Joel Gallimore How does the flame come out of the back of a space rocket?

Matilda Woodhead Can you do a burp in Space?

Oliver Leese Did you ever do anything as exciting as this when you were at school?

Erin Tinsley What will your rocket be like?








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