Capturing Children’s Imaginations

As a parent it is wonderful to see my daughter coming home from school so excited about the subject she is learning about.  The space theme has really captured her imagination.  She has come home since the start of September telling me all about the stars and constellations and Carys’s favourite, comet 67P.  When I asked why she likes learning all about it so much she replied “because its lots of fun”.  So Carys probably doesn’t even realise just how much she is learning and taking in.
I also enjoyed spending a couple of hours in the classroom on the open morning.  To spend some time with her, making things and just seeing what she is like in the classroom was fantastic.  We both liked making the stars collage and the Space Station we made has pride of place in her bedroom.
I am slightly biased but because of this topic and the school trip to The Space Centre in Leicestershire, Carys had her five minutes of fame on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show.  This was completely her idea to phone in, she was so excited to be going on the trip and loved telling Chris all about it.
Long may this exciting, fun and enthusiastic learning journey continue.

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