Year 6 Views on MMU Visit

MMU Visit

The Rode Heath children were very fortunate to experience a day at the Crewe campus of Manchester University on Wednesday.  “How To Train Like An Astronaut.”

In the morning they met Mrs. Pheasey in the library and then had a tour of the campus which included a visit to the Halls of Residence.  Here they had an insight into the working day of a student and their way of life.  Chatting to the students, our children enjoyed the chance to ask them questions.

The older children stayed for a meal at the university where they ate food that astronauts could only dream of, i.e chips and sausage etc.

The Astronaut Training included how strong they were with their hands and arms, how much air was in their lungs and timed running between gates with a camera finish.  Team building exercises included walking together on a pair of large skis and a “Crystal Maze” type game.

The children also watched a presentation about robots.

Mr Leech (who in his youth had attended Crewe Campus) proudly returned there as the Headteacher of our lovely children.

We can be sure that the children gained a wealth of different memories. Thank-you to all involved for a great day!

Susan Brookes Smith

(Year 6 parent)


Out of this world

Wednesday 14 January 2015 was by far the most memorable day of this academic year. We went to MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University). We went there to train like an astronaut as our topic is (try to) train like an astronaut. Our favourite part was team building because it was very challenging for the whole class. The coolest part was standing in -200C (the same temperature as a freezer.) Sadly, the worst part of the day was while we were coming back from the university.

By Mollie and Hasan

Year 6


Train like an astronaut

Yesterday we went to the MMU to train like an astronaut. They took us round the campus and we learnt about the life of a university pupil. We had to run through cameras to test how fast we could run. We had to blow in to a piece apparatus to measure our oxygen level.

We had to test how long we could hold a plank for. We got put in an environmental chamber which was -20 degrees that is the same temperature as your freezer at home. Another experiment that we did was to test our muscle strength.

There was a jump mat and it was testing how long we were in the air. We tested our team work and concentration we tried get a cross some blocks and only three pieces of wood between 13 of us it was difficult but we did it without any one falling off.

By Maisy and Kieran


Rode Heath at MMU

On the 14th January 2015 KS2 went to the MMU in Crewe. It was by far one of the best days of our lives.

There were a series of tasks that we had to do such as, an asthma test, a strength test and such more. We visited there because would like to Train like an Astronaut! We also went in to a freezer (Environment Chamber) it got up to -200C degrees.

One of the best things we did was the sprinting. We all enjoyed running as fast as we could from gate to gate. Another thing we did for mission x was the inhaler test where we had to take a deep breath and blow as much oxygen into a thermometer and see how much oxygen we had inside us (we had to blow into the thermometer quite quickly).

One of the other tests was a strength test where you have to squeeze an instrument that tested your strength in your arm.

We also did a jumping test. We had to stand on a rubber platform connected to a computer and jump as high as we could. This tested how high we can jump.

In twelve weeks’ time we will do activities similar to these and see if we have improved on any of them.

We definitely recommend this marvellous university for a school trip.


By Evan and Sophie.

On Wednesday 14th we went on a trip to Manchester Metropolitan University. One of our favourite bits was the team building activity where you had to get a bottle of acid (pretend, not real) from one side of the hall to the other. You had to do this by making bridges with only three planks without touching the floor or you had to start all over again.  This would be helpful for astronauts as they need balance in space and helping each other. They need to work as a team to overcome difficulties and so did we with this activity.

We had a tour around the campus and learnt how students live. Then we found out about some of the students who live there and gossiped with them.

Next we went to the student zone and had lunch which was delicious. We had lots of fun learning about robots and saw some amazing ones who can: dance, play the violin, solve a rubix cube and look like humans. We learnt how robots can help us in the future.

Finally we did lots of sporting activities for our train like an astronaut. We had a lovely day and hope we come back soon.

Eva-Mae & Amelia


1 thought on “Year 6 Views on MMU Visit

  1. Andrea Rutledge

    Just want to say how fantastic it is when your daughter comes home from school and you ask her what she did today and her eyes light up with wonder and enthusiasm as she tells you about what comets are made of or all about the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti or how wonderful it was to “train like an astronaut”! I am also learning so much about Space through her experiences at school and I really can’t wait until the Planetarium arrives in March. Thanks to Mrs Wiskow, Mrs Ross and evryone else who is part of the team at Rode Heath for sparking curiosity and wonder! (not just in my daughter but in me too! :-))



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