Wednesday 25th February 2015

What an incredible experience! The whole school arrived at Manchester Metropolitan University ready for their Google Hangout with Tim Peake. Hermione, my sister Olivia and I arrived early so that if a reporter came, there would be some children to interview. Mrs Wiskow took the three of us in her car and we joined Mrs Pheasey and a few other girls (who were ex-pupils of Rode Heath) at 8:30am. The Hangout was due to start at 10:00am, so we still had an hour and thirty minutes of waiting time.

The rest of the school arrived soon afterwards and we were finally ready. Tim appeared on the huge screen and we all cheered. I was even able to ask him a question! In fact we all of the 21 pupils chosen had time to pose their questions – even Mrs Pheasey managed a couple at the end!

As a prize for asking a great question each one of those pupils received a specially designed T-shirt with the words ‘I have ‘hung out’ with Tim Peake’ on the back. Tim even had one too. Before the Hangout our school had sent him seven copies of our Space passports (one from each year group), which he had spread out across his desk. He told us that he was very impressed with the work we had been doing. We also sent him a T-shirt, like ours, but there was one difference. His said ‘I have ‘hung out’ with Rode Heath Primary’ on the back. He was even wearing it underneath his astronaut overall! We were all flabbergasted!

After the Hangout everyone went back to school, but it wasn’t over for Hermione, my sister Olivia and me. We were all interviewed by BBC Radio Stoke about our talk with Tim. It was an amazing day, one which I will certainly never forget.

Hannah Taylor

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