Our day out at the House of Commons

On Tuesday 3rd March Millie, Heidi, Pierce, Mrs Pheasey, Mrs Wiskow and I got on the train to London. The journey took about 2½ hours. We then had to take a taxi to the Houses of Parliament. We got out of the taxi close to the entrance and when we arrived we were given passes before we went through security.

All of us then made our way to Westminster Hall and we took a few photographs on the way. Once we were in there, we met our MP, Fiona Bruce, who showed us around and let us go into the Green Room. We even went where the MPs have their lunch – they have an amazing view!

What I liked the most when Fiona was showing us round was the chandelier. It was huge! All of the ceilings were pretty amazing too. There were lots of patterns on them.

We went back to Westminster Hall to wait for the Mission X Show & Tell to start. When it was time we all made our way to the room that it was being held in.

There were six schools there and all of them were taking part in Mission X. But before we started, a few people talked to us about not giving up on your dreams and what they had done to make their dreams come true.

One lady was a four time triathlon winner and she also holds the world record for doing an Iron Man triathlon in just over 8 hours. When it came to our turn, Mrs Wiskow, Mrs Pheasey and Millie did a speech on what we have been doing. Pierce demonstrated the grip strength and Heidi and I demonstrated the lung capacity.

Once it had finished we had a few photos taken with all of the important people who were there. We also had our space passports signed. Once we had done all of that we got ready to go back on the train home. On our way out we were given Mission X patches and a Mission X flag. We caught a taxi to the train station and got on the train. We all had an amazing day!

By Hermione Pugh – Year 5

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Photos kindly taken by Michael Cockerham

Wow, what an amazing experience. On the 3rd March 2015, I was one of the few people to go and visit the House of Commons – 4 students and 2 adults had the time of their lives and I was so lucky to be part of it.

After a short car journey to Crewe station we finally boarded the train. We had lots of entertainment for the journey so none of us got bored on the 2½ hour ride. We hopped off the train with full tummies as we had lots of snacks and headed to hail a taxi. Luckily the adults had more experience and got one in no time. On the way we saw lots of tourist attractions, including Nelson’s Column, Big Ben, the London Eye and even a sign to go and see Matilda the show (fingers crossed).

We arrived at the House of Commons and had to have our bags checked (you never know what people hide!). We waited around for a bit and then had a chance to go to the gift shop to buy what we wanted. At around 2pm, we met our MP, Fiona Bruce, who was happy to have pictures taken with us.

We also got to meet Johnny Munro, her Parliamentary Manager, who took photos of us and also helped Fiona Bruce. She kindly took us to the gallery to view the parliamentary business in the Chamber. We then moved on to the presentation and we got to hear the other schools’ space projects. The two I especially liked were the school that blended the chocolate cake and water which made a powdery mixture and also the school that made the space animation.

Finally it was our turn, I think I was most nervous because I had to give a speech, but luckily I had it written down and it was all okay (Phew!)

The funniest moment of the day was the end, and get ready because this time the teachers’ experience of hailing a taxi didn’t come in handy. We stood at the side of the road for ages, shouting and waving at lots of different taxis and only 2 came, but they both only carried 5 people. In the end we got a 5-seater and Mrs Pheasey went to get the Tube. Unfortunately, she had left her money with us and had to get a taxi after all.

We waited for her to arrive and Hermione thought she saw her and Mrs Wiskow almost ended up paying the wrong driver. Oh no!

Millie Leese – Year 5


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