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Being a parent at Rode Heath

The definition of a happy, enthusiastic pupil begins with their teacher and the school. As a parent of a Year 5 pupil, I could not be happier that he attends Rode Heath Primary. It is reassuring to know that he enjoys school, but is also excited to talk to me, sharing what he has done and learned.

This year the school is immersed in the exciting topic of space. Mrs Wiskow believes that you should never underestimate what children can achieve – she sets high standards – and I have been delighted by the level of work my son has produced. Recently, he was very proud to be able to spend the morning working with me in Year 5. The ISS station we built together has now taken pride of place in his window and on a clear night he looks to see the star constellations we learned about.

A child spends a lot of time in school and their contentment is essential. My son wants to come to school each day. Over this term, I have been delighted to see how his self-esteem, willingness to participate and contributions have grown.

The whole school are working together and supporting each other with their space project, which is creating a superb learning environment for the children. Over the next few years, with this focus on science, the school will produce a solid foundation for children to build on and expand their knowledge in the future.

Rachel Swinnerton

Pierce and his constellation.

Pierce and his constellation.

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