First week at school

It doesn’t take long to get into the swing of things again. Just five days have passed and it feels as though the holiday is long behind us. I’d forgotten how early 6:30am was. Still, it’s been quite an exciting week, mainly preparing for the launch of our space project – Out of This World.

Monday, as for most schools, was our INSET day and that was my opportunity to introduce the project to the rest of the staff and try and instil some of the huge enthusiasm that I have for the topic. Surely, it couldn’t be that hard? I mean isn’t everyone mesmerised by space?

I think the Sokol space suit helped, especially when I said that we were ‘lending’ it to Blue Peter for a few days. Anyway, everyone seems to be on board and our first ‘team meeting’ on Tuesday after school went really well – we even started to discuss our next big event (slow down now! We haven’t even started this one yet!)

The meeting was called mainly to discuss our launch day on Wednesday 10th and who was going to wear the space suit. Having compared heights and girths, we decided that the best man for the job was John. After all, he is the P.E. co-ordinator and therefore the most supple and capable of extricating himself, once in. From what I have seen and read, this is no mean task. Anyway, with the amazing Miss Moss to assist him, everything is sure to go swimmingly. I have suggested a practice on the Tuesday evening, just to ascertain timescales etc.

The rest of the team: Carl Leech, Clare Pheasey, Sharron Ross, Caroline Sinclair and I are to don white boiler suits, which I believe are to be decorated in some way.

The climax of the assembly will hopefully be the firing of a pop-bottle rocket along a 20m wire into a black hole at the other side of the hall.

All I have to do now is put a short slide presentation together.

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