Launch Day

You never really know how things are going to go until they happen, but when Wednesday morning came and the sun was shining down on us, I had an excellent feeling. Dave & Roger, our rocket scientists, turned up dead on 8:30 as promised and started to rig up their contraption in the hall.

At 9:20, Team ‘Out of This World’ donned their white overalls and selected an appropriate wig. Many thanks to Mrs Pheasey for mine, which looked spectacular.

The following assembly was fabulous. We started with a message from Tim Peake, followed by a letter and then Mr Randall floated in with 2001 A Space Odyssey playing in the background. I must say he did a brilliant job – it’s very hot inside that suit and it was definitely made for a very small Russian!

Once he had leapt onto the stage and waved to the ecstatic crowd, I tried to indicate that he could leave and change out of the suit. Unfortunately, once encased inside, it apparently becomes impossible to hear anything, so it was a while before he realised what I was suggesting – either that or he was overcome by the moment!

Next, to the delight of the children, it was time to launch the pop bottle rocket across the hall. And, it didn’t disappoint. Although over in a couple of seconds, it certainly added a sense of drama to the occasion.

The rest of the day was spent in making and firing rockets. We learned about Newton’s third law of motion along the way and Ms Sinclair even taught her class about air resistance before embarking on her rocket making journey – excellent.

The competition was eventually won by the Year 3s, who sent their rocket a staggering 63m. Spending so much time in that spacesuit has obviously given Mr Randall special powers.

Many thanks should also be given to Wendy Cotterill, from Daresbury Laboratory, who came in and fired cardboard rockets with the Year 1 and Reception class.

All in all a fantastic day, the highlight of which was perhaps Tim Peake retweeting a photograph to all his 31,000 followers. It doesn’t get much better . . .

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