Launch Day

On Wednesday 10th September, Rode Heath Primary embarked on an Out Of This World Space Day adventure!

The “Out of This World” project is led by Mrs Wiskow and her fellow space team: Mr Leech, the 3D technology; Ms Sinclair, the mathematics; Mrs Ross, the IT department; Mr Randall, the fitness coach and Mrs Pheasey, the healthy body organiser. There were a number of activities from Rocket Building to Designing a Space Patch – each jam-packed with learning and fun!

One of the exciting tasks was designing space patches and then entering them into the Blue Peter Space Patch Competition! The winning one will fly into space on Tim Peake’s suit – amazing! Another popular activity was designing and building an aerodynamic rocket! A Year 3 pupil said, “It was really good fun when we launched the rockets. We were surprised by the results because my team won.”

The younger pupils designed a smaller rocket made out of cardboard and a rubber nose cone. A lady names Wendy from Daresbury Laboratories came with her mini rocket launcher and launched the rockets for the Year 1 and Reception children.

To launch the junior rockets – the longest one, measuring 810cm – Rocket Scientist Roger and Rocket and Missile Engineer Dave brought in their home made super rocket launcher! A group of Year 3 girls had the longest distance measuring 63 metres! It was a fantastic event.

The whole day was filled with excitement and fun. It was certainly an inspirational day! The whole school is looking very much forward to the rest of the year’s activities with the space passports.

Millie Bradbury
Year 6


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