Looking after the Sokol Spacesuit

Wednesday brought lots of science for Y5 as they made the most of the last week with the spacesuit.

As part of the amazing Space adventure currently taking place at Rode Heath Primary School, a group of children took it in turns to try on the spacesuit that they have borrowed from the International Space Centre. This demonstrated exactly how hard it is to get into it – according to our research it’s almost impossible.

Once the gloves had been extracted from the rest of the suit it was time to tidy up! We tipped some split pins onto the floor and put two yoghurt pots either side. We then picked two teams and one of them wore the gloves whilst the other one didn’t. Each person had to pick up their pile split pins (one at a time) and put them into the yogurt pots. Our results showed that it is easier to pick up small things without any gloves on.

Our last investigation was very interesting. On a piece of paper we wrote our name, then put on the glove and wrote it again. My writing was ok but some people’s went all over the place. It was so funny! However some people’s writing got better. I think some thick gloves might be included in school uniform from now on!

Sadly the spacesuit is due to go on Monday. However I can’t wait for the our next activity.

Hannah Taylor

How are we going to get into this?

How are we going to get into this?

Using the space gloves isn't easy

Using the space gloves isn’t easy

Mr Randall

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