Open Mornings

On Tuesday, Year 5 had an opening morning about space. Parents also came in to see what it is like to be in Year 5. We were split up into 3 groups. One of the groups had to make a model of the ISS and we made it from cans, Pringle tins, paper and a glue gun. We also had a little quiz before we got started. This was really fun. Our next task was to make a constellation called The Plough. We needed card, string, scissors, tape, ruler and tinfoil. After we had finished putting it together it looked amazing. Our last task was to write a poem about a button. We had to pick a button and write things about it and describe it as well. After we finished writing it we put it into a poem by using some words and phrases. It was really fun and everyone’s sounded brilliant.

We had a great morning and I think the adults did as well. Can’t wait to see what we are doing next.

Mia Brown

Parent's working with Year 3 children.

Parent’s working with Year 3 children.

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