Space Assembly & 3D Printers

On Monday 13th October there was an assembly about space. It was amazing to see all the classes’ space work. Even the Reception class joined in and some of them are only 4! My class, Year 5, did a presentation for the start and Heidi, Jack and Ben showed their ISS models. Frankie shared her poem and Izzy showed her 3D version of The Plough constellation.

After that, Oliver from Year 6 shared his presentation about Solar Energy and then Year 4 showed the work they had been doing in maths – using pie charts to illustrate a typical astronaut’s day. Year 3 children demonstrated what happened when they dropped their Lunar modules. Both Year 2 and Year 1 had done tangrams and Reception showed an outstanding array of pictures.

Exciting news is that finally our 3D printers are here. What a relief! We have already tried them out and printed a variety of things including an octopus, SpaceBot, chain, words and we have even scanned and printed Yoda from Star Wars.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity to design something from scratch.

By James Biddulph

One of our Makerbot Minis.

One of our Makerbot Minis.

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