2/12/14 Martian Soil and Galactic pass the parcel

Martian Soil & Galactic Pass the Parcel

Sue Andrews from ESERO came into school to do a morning on Martian soil. She gave us all a challenge. We had to try and decide which one of the samples was closest to the real Martial soil. We had to do several tests to find out.

We worked in a team and we each had a job which was exciting because we each had our own responsibility. For example, someone was in charge of health and safety so they had to make sure that everyone wore glasses – I felt like a real scientist when I put mine on!

It was challenging, but fun at the same time. My favourite part was when we were able to watch the water evaporate whilst it was over a candle.

We learnt how scientists test soil samples and our whole class liked it, so it would be really good if we could do something like that again. It tested our teamwork and increased our knowledge about space.

Hermione Pugh

Martian soil IMG_2058 IMG_2056 IMG_2055

On Monday Year 4 took part in a galactic game of pass the parcel.  Every time someone unwrapped a layer there was something new to learn.  One of my favourite facts was that if something gets sucked into a black hole it gets stretched a lot while also getting thinner.  We were wondering how liquid or gas could be stretched.  Another fact we learnt is that there are 10, 000, 000 stars in the sky.  We figured this out by volunteers coming up and making the number ten times bigger by adding zeros until we had the right number of stars.  We found it amazing!  I unwrapped a layer; it was exciting waiting to find out what I would discover … it was ‘matter’.  We learnt that everything is made from matter.

Aiden Austin and Amelie Pepper

IMG_2052 Galactic Pass the Parcel 3

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