Making learning informative and fun!

Well, what a year this is turning out to be and who would have thought my daughter, Jessica Smith, would have found the whole subject of space and astronauts so enthralling. This was a topic that Jessica had never shown any enthusiasm for, but now – WOW! – she is totally fascinated by the facts about the ISS and more so with the wonders of Tim Peake.

Her enthusiasm I am sure is down to a totally inspiring and passionate teacher, who is totally transforming my daughter’s understanding about space and the ISS.

Jessica will now turn the television over to watch any TV show relating to space or the ISS and can talk in detail about Tim Peake. Moreover, she is now drawing and making models of the things that she is learning about.

Working on this topic has also had an impact on Jessica’s general school work. She wants to do well all the time so then maybe, the class will get a reward of more space time.

Jessica talking endlessly about the Sokol spacesuit that the school had on loan and found the antics of the teaching staff trying to get out of the outfit hilarious.  As a result, learning is not just very informative, but it is entertaining and because the school is making it so much fun, the kids are gaining much knowledge, enjoyment and a sense of achievement.

For me as Jessica’s mum, out of all the activities the school has done around this topic so far, I found the Open Morning that the school held to be absolutely wonderful. To be able to work so closely with my child, on a subject that she is totally enthralled by, delighted me. Making the model of the ISS – although very sticky – was great fun, and to be told by my 9 year old daughter, “Er, Mum, do you know nothing about the ISS – that bit doesn’t go there!” was a great moment. She has a world of knowledge now about a subject that in September she knew nothing about.

Well done, Rode Heath, for teaching in such a fun, entertaining and interesting way.

Lorraine Smith


Jess and the Sokol spacesuit


Jess demonstrating how difficult it is to move in micro gravity.

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